Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Apple is a master of perception management

Apple is predominantly a marketing and retailing company. Though it does some software and design work, it outsources its manufacturing to third party manufacturers. It certainly isn't an integrated manufacturer in the same sense as Samsung. It is all about immense media clout; thanks to its immense advertising & PR machine with a humongous budget. This media clout over a period of 30 years has resulted in an army of irrational fan following who would buy every product that comes out of Apple and defend all devious acts of the company. It's amazing that the largest company by market value, despite having highly questionable/monopolistic restrictions with regard to the App store and its iOS platform, attracts no adverse attention by the media and the FTC. The kind of media coverage that Apple gets is incredible!

What Apple does exceedingly well is to create myths. As Eric Raymond has pointed out in the past, “Mac was a slick repackaging of design ideas from an engineering tradition that long predated Jobs (in this case, going back to the pioneering Xerox PARC WIMP interfaces of the early 1970s). Which would be fine, except that Jobs created a myth that arrogated that innovation to himself and threw the actual pioneers down the memory hole.”

Raymond goes on to state “nearly a quarter-century later Jobs would repeat the same game with the iPhone. The people who did the actual innovating in smartphones – notably Danger with their pioneering Hiptop – got thrown down the memory hole by Jobs’s mythmaking (though in this case some of its principals would later achieve a kind of revenge by designing Android)” , which was founded in 2003 by Andy Rubin and eventually got acquired by Google in 2005.

The problem with Apple and its fans is that they tend to be in complete denial of all other innovations that came before and along side Apple's products. They tend to appropriate all such developments to Apple while deprecating others, which is but a myth.

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